“Big Lebowski” Cat at DuPage County Animal Service

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At around 28 lbs. there’s nothing small about this cat. Formerly known as Oliver, the folks at DuPage County Animal Services have given him a more appropriate name, “Big Lebowski”.

“All of our cats are special, but he’s extra special in that he’s one of our larger ones. Its’ probably a good thing we don’t adopt out per pound, otherwise he’d be quite expensive,” joked Administrator Veterinarian Dr. Barbara Hanek.

The Cat’s Health

Big Lebowski, who also goes by The Dude, does not have diabetes or any other medical issues, but does need to lose around 10 lbs. to get a little bit healthier.

The fluffy fella is already making progress on his goal; he’s lost a pound since he first arrived in late September thanks to a special diet.

“It’s called Catkins, it’s just like the Atkins diet,” said Hanek. “It’s a high protein low carbohydrate diet, and it works really great for kitties to lose weight. But, you want to make sure you do it gradually. You want don’t want to do it too fast because that’s not healthy for them to lose weight quickly.”

More About Big Lebowski

The three-year-old domestic short-haired cat was given up by his former owners because they’re moving, and is now available for adoption. However, he’s not on display due to the adoption area being overcrowded.

After a few minutes with Big Lebowksi it’s hard to imagine his next family giving him up.

“Oh he’s a big love. As you can see he’s good cuddler, probably keep you warm during winter, [and] make a good body pillow. You can probably just lower your furnace and snuggle with him,” said Hanek.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.