Big Lebowski Cat Finds Home With Big Love

December 20, 2019
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A couple of months ago this 30-pound Big Lebowksi cat was up for adoption at the DuPage County Animal Services. Given up by his former owner, the dude needed a new place to call home.

After a viral photo and a couple of news features there were several families interested in Big Lebowksi. “Kind of just watching the video and just looking at him and his mannerisms we were like ‘we got to get that cat immediately.’ Without even seeing him,” said Lombard Resident Steve Oskroba.

Big Lebowski’s New Home

A couple of days later, they got their wish. The Lombard couple was in search for a furry friend after their previous cat passed away from cancer.

“It was just kind of hard because he was just super friendly, super lovey-dovey, and just kind of wanted to be by you” said Steve’s wife Sami Oskroba. “He was a big cat too he was around 20 pounds. We got a thing for the bigger cats,” said Steve.

The Dude’s Weight Loss!

That experience with dealing with a bigger cats has paid dividends. Though it may not seem like it, Big Lebowski has lost weight. He’s down from 30 to 27 pounds thanks to a high protein low carb diet, and some exercise. Though, it is at his leisure. “Sometimes he doesn’t want any part of it. He’s being lazy and wants nothing to do with working out and it’s game over,” said Sima.

The Oskroba’s vet said since the tiger stripe cat is big boned and is around three-feet-long a healthy weight would be 20 pounds.

New Nickname

Along with the new the home, diet, and toys the dude also has a new nickname. “[Steve] really liked to keep Big Lebowski, but it was just too long. So we just kind of shortened it to Biggie. Sometimes he’s Biggie or Biggie Smalls. And he is big so it was kind of fitting,” said Sima.

Find Biggie On Instagram

His big personality has been on display for the world to see as Big Lebowski now has his very own Instagram page.

No word yet if Big Lebowski is considering becoming a full-time Instagram model, but one thing is for sure he won’t ever have to worry about a home ever again.

“We realized it was time for something else in the house. It felt empty for so long and the he came around and we just knew he was perfect,” said Sima

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.