Biking fun at 10th annual Junior Tour de Naperville

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On Saturday, August 12, 170 kids geared up for the 10th annual Junior Tour de Naperville. Hosted by the Naperville Park District, the event gave kids a chance to take their bikes out for a spin around Wolf’s Crossing Community Park.

“It is an event inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France. So due to popularity, we bring it back every single year,” said Naperville Park District Recreation Intern Brandon Cooling.

No winners or losers: just fun

“It’s an opportunity for the kids in the community to come out. They get to ride around the trail that we have set up here. They have to just test themselves, see how many times they can make it around the laps. There is no winner, there is no loser, it is just for fun and to get in some nice cardio while we are out enjoying the sunlight,” said Cooling.

The kids were split into three groups, by age brackets. There were separate start times for those 3 to 5; then 6 to 8; and finally those 9 to 12. Cruising down the trail were kids in everything from Big Wheels, to tricycles, to full-size bikes.

“They get so excited. they are so pumped up to ride around the track. It’s just a lot of fun to watch,” said Cooling.

The kids took off from the start line, then traveled across the entire park. But if they got tired along the way, there were two snack tents for a quick refuel.

One of the event’s highest turnouts

This year’s Junior Tour de Naperville saw one of its highest turnouts. The park district hopes to see that kind of continued interest in the event for years to come.

“We hope that it gets bigger and bigger and that we can bring even more people from the community out to enjoy this wonderful park,” said Cooling.

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