Black Lives Matter Youth Rally; Facebook Live

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A group of about 20 gathered at Waubonise Valley High School on Juneteenth for the Black Lives Matter Youth Rally.

Student Organized

The rally was organized by Metea Valley High School student Sebastian Segarra.

Personal Experiences

Participants started out with a 30-minute march near the school, then returned to WVHS to hear from several speakers. They shared some of their own experiences with racism, and encouraged others to get involved to help create change.

“Know that protesting is like a road, and it has multiple lanes,” said Segarra. “There is of course a lane where you go out and use your voice, come out in the streets – but there’s also the protest with your vote, there’s protests online, you can sign petitions, you can share valuable information online through your social media, you can actually start a conversation.”

He added, “I really think that’s up to an individual to see what their lane is.”

Watch NCTV17 Reporter Christian Canizal’s live report on Facebook.

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