Booming Businesses in Naperville

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Walk Downtown Naperville, and you’ll see many small businesses that were once unique to our area. But now they’re expanding beyond the town.

Two Bostons Pet Boutique just opened their fourth west suburban location in Wheaton after promising beginnings in Naperville.

“Opening up in a neighboring town, it helps us because we can pull that our name is from Naperville,” said AdreAnne Tesene, Co-owner of Two Bostons. “As long as we can continue to support our customers the way we do, I think we’ll be able to flourish for multiple benefits,” she added.

Right across the street, Naperville Running Company is experiencing similar growth as they also just opened their fourth location in Wheaton.

It’s a source of pride for the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce President & CEO, Nicki Anderson.

“Our community is really the garden, if you will, of these businesses. The more successful they are here, they want to share that success with other communities and I think we’re really proud to see their healthy growth and to share products and services with other communities,” said Nicki Anderson.

But it’s not just the small businesses that are booming.

Larger tech companies like Launch Digital Marketing and their sister company Dealer Inspire continue to expand with 100% growth every year since opening in Naperville. And that growth means more job openings in the area.

“Looking into 2017 we are actually onboarding ten employees per month at this point and I think that might even ramp up a little bit faster as we continue to grow both on Dealer Inspire and Launch just with our client base,” explained Erin Kasch, Director of People Operations with Launch Digital Marketing.

And Sikich, the Naperville company which delivers professional services including accounting, technology software and investment banking is outperforming many of their competitors.

Recently the company bought an additional 40,000 square feet in Naperville and intend to fill that space with more jobs in two ways.

“One, to meet our organic growth through additional hires and two, we will go out and find other professional service firms in the Chicago area that are not in Naperville and move them into Naperville,” said Jim Sikich, Founder of Sikich.

Putting Naperville on a positive trajectory toward success.

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce has a job bank on their website for open opportunities posted by their business members.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.