Bowling Challenge at NCHS

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There’s a striking new challenge for some Naperville Central high schoolers.

The Challenge

From a close distance a strike seems somewhat achievable, but from 250 feet it’s a different story.

Inspired by “Dude Perfect” bowling videos on YouTube, teacher and head boys bowling coach Brian Dunn wanted to create a challenge for his students – to bowl through the school’s parking lot.

Celebrating Students

“I’ve been wanting to figure out new ways to celebrate student success in my classroom,” said Dunn. “Let’s see if we can get students excited about working in the classroom and let me celebrate what they can do by giving them an opportunity to come out and do what they see on YouTube and everywhere else.”

How it Works

Once a week, three students who demonstrate success in the classroom will get a chance to bowl. If they make the shot they’ll be put on Dunn’s wall of fame and then into an end of the semester drawing for prizes.

Dunn says there are two different tricks to get a strike on the parking lot lane, but it’s all about having the right touch.

Possible Surprise Bowlers

Some surprise Naperville celebrities or even PBA professional bowlers may stop by to give it a try.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.