Bring Your Own Bag at Neuqua Valley

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Bring Your Own Bag

The Neuqua Valley environmental club, NV Eco, is participating in Naperville’s “bring your own bag” event on April 18. It focuses on eliminating single use plastic items, like plastic grocery bags, which are harmful to the environment.

As a lead up to the event, the club welcomed staff and students to convert their old and unused t-shirts into reusable grocery bags for the community.

“So those plastic bags, if you put it into the recycling bin, they actually cause the recycling machines in the plant to malfunction and workers have to spend a lot of time to take those bags out of the machines, and it also causes efficiency problems in the long term. Also when you throw it into the landfill, the plastic has a very long lifetime, it doesn’t degrade very easily,” said Anushree Majumdar, vice president of NV Eco.

Making Your Own Bag

“Making your own bags is not only a great way to reduce your impact because you’re re-using a t-shirt that’s already been in circulation and the number of plastic bags that you have saved and reduced in the environment amounts to like hundreds in a year. Thousands over a lifetime and so when you reduce that, and reduce your using plastic, you reduce your impact on the environment,” said Nora Schneider, president of NV Eco

To make a t-shirt into your own reusable bag, all you have to do is cut off the sleeves, the neckline, snip some frills at the bottom, then tie them tightly into double knots. Then you have an eco friendly errand bag.

You can catch NV Eco at the bring your own bag event at Casey’s Foods and the Free Speech Pavilion from on April 18.

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