Brookdale Class of 2020 Parade

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The Brookdale Neighborhood Association capped off “Spirit Week” with a parade for the graduating class of 2020. Students graduating from Brookdale Elementary School, Hill Middle School, Metea Valley High School and even a few Colleges took part in the winding celebration through the neighborhood.

Without the chance to participate in a traditional graduation ceremony, the tight knit Brookdale community was able to create a memorable experience for their graduates.

Austin Martinson: “At first it was disappointing, but it made me realize how grateful I am for such a great high school and great high school experience, great friends and all that. It makes me feel really special to see our neighborhood come together like this for us. It’s such a unique way to celebrate and different. It’s going to be something to remember for the rest of my life.”

Since the Stay at Home order began, Brookdale parents and community members have gone out of their way to make sure students and residents stay connected with similar events to commemorate birthdays and other milestones.

Abby Ruppe: “There’s been a bunch of birthday parades for all the birthdays. This is really cool to see everyone here and come together to put this on for everyone.”

With the parade acting as the capstone event, Brookdale residents spent the week decorating their houses, cars and sidewalks to honor their grads. There were even prizes awarded for participants in categories like:

  • Loudest/most spirited home during the Parade!
  • Most unusual noisemaker during the Parade!
  • Best decorated car in the Parade!
  • Best decorated home during “Class of 2020” Spirit Week!

Brookdale and the Naperville community as a whole has worked hard to make sure the Class of 2020 gets the recognition it deserves.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Justin Cornwell