Brookdale Paints a Path

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Students and faculty members at Brookdale Elementary School painted rocks to create a path outside the school’s entrance.

Some kids got creative with animal designs, but many followed the theme of the path: “we are all special and unique.”

“I decided this was something wonderful to do for Brookdale to celebrate our culture and our diversity here,” said Leah Steinhauser-Walsh, a second grade teacher at Brookdale and the organizer of the path. “Every rock would represent a student or staff member currently at Brookdale. And were hoping that as our path gets bigger and bigger, every year anyone new that comes to Brookdale would be able to paint a rock and represent themselves.”

Hearts, messages of kindness, and flag designs were popular rocks that celebrated the spirit of inclusion at Brookdale.

And once the rocks were in place, teachers sprayed them with a coating to protect them from the elements, making sure the rocks are preserved for years to come.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.