Businesses Evolve During COVID-19 Pandemic

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AdreAnne Tesene: “Something that might take two years to implement, or at least six months, had to be done in 24 hours.”

Two Bostons

AdreAnne Tesene and her business, Two Bostons, have been reacting and adapting on the fly since the COVID-19 pandemic altered everyday life in March.

AdreAnne Tesene: “We’re known for the experience I’m going to give. And the community events we provide. And that’s really hard to do when there is a shelter in place.”

Tesene quickly ramped up digital social events, including Sunday game nights. She also beefed up Two Bostons’ online store and curbside pickup.

Tom Finch & Associates

The story is far from unique. Across Naperville, businesses have been forced to confront a new reality, including Tom Finch, the owner of his own jumbo-tron business.

Tom Finch: “All of my events have canceled from now until in to the fall. By now I would have done several huge high school graduations, I would have done the Taste of Chicago, I would have done the Pride Festival and many others.”

So Finch devised a plan… by scaling down, he actually ramped up. Shfiting from jumbo-trons to mobile billboards, Finch has successfully navigated the uneven terrain.

Tom Finch: “It’s just a flip flop. It’s amazing how there’s nothing one day and now, don’t tell my wife but I’m busier now than I was last year.”


And then there are businesses that had been in the process of expanding, like Joe and Rachael Tota’s restaurant business, Red Arrow. The parent company, Tapville, has moved ahead with it’s pursuit of funding to begin franchising.

Joe Tota: “There’s a lot of interest in our concept because of the ability to try local craft beers. We also add a lot of technologies – not only the self pour technology, we also have a mobile app, so you can order from your smart phone and now you don’t have to order from a server. Which now makes it easier for contact-less ordering.”

All in all, these businesses are looking to continue adapting and thriving in Naperville.

Rachael Tota: “Naperville is just a fun community, there’s so much going on and so many people out. I mean, we love Naperville and we like trying all the other restaurant and places down here too. So we figured why not bring it here a let everyone experience our idea.”

Reporting for Naperville News 17, I’m Kevin Jackman