Businesses Submit Applications With City For Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary

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Three marijuana businesses have submitted applications with the City of Naperville to open an adult-use cannabis dispensary.

More About Marijuana Businesses

Green Thumb Industries, ZenLeaf Naperville, and Cresco Labs have submitted applications after city council recently voted 6-3 to approve up to three adult-use cannabis dispensaries in Naperville.

GTI has the only medical cannabis dispensary in Naperville, 3C Compassionate Care Center located at 1700 Quincy Avenue. Application pending, they’ll re-brand to Rise Naperville as the business will incorporate adult-use at their location.

“We had four other medical cannabis dispensaries in Illinois all of which converted over the course of the past year to also serving recreational customers,” said Senior Vice President For Government and Regulatory Affairs at GTI Dina Rollman. “So we’ve learned how to do that without disrupting the experience for patients.”

Rollman expects adult-use sales to begin in Naperville within the next couple of months.

Where Can Adult-Use Dispensaries Be Located?

City council’s vote also required adult-use dispensaries to be in industrial or business zones, 250-feet from residences, 1,000-feet from primary or secondary schools, and one-mile from other cannabis stores.

ZenLeaf, which already has a recreational marijuana store opening up across the street from Naperville on Route 59, has applied to setup at 1516 N. Naper Blvd. Cresco Labs application seeks to open up a Sunnyside Dispensary at 2740 W. 75th Street.

Potential Tax Revenue

Mayor Steve Chirico estimates Naperville could see up to $2 million in tax revenue from the three dispensaries.

“The entire downtown Naperville business district generates about $1.7 million in sales tax revenue,” said Mayor Chirico. “So put that in perspective, it’s potentially going to literally bring in more sales tax revenue than our entire downtown.”

If three adult-use dispensaries open up by October, Mayor Chirico said Naperville could collect around $250,000 in tax revenue, which he hopes would go to city’s operating budget.

The application process will consist of the city reviewing the businesses’ background, looking at parking and traffic studies, and then reviewing that information with city staff.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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