Butterball Expert Shows How To Cook The Perfect Turkey

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During the holidays, the phone lines at Butterball Turkey Talk-Line will receive over 100,000 calls on how to cook the perfect turkey.

“It’s such a hoot to walk into other people’s Thanksgivings and seeing what’s happening,” said Carol Miller a supervisor at Butterball. “Being able to calm people and tell the that what they’ve done is maybe a little wrong, but we’re going to help fix it and turkey will get on the table”

Butterball will also help answer thousands of other questions on their social media. With so many curious chefs, there aren’t many questions Butterball hasn’t been asked.

Weirdest Phone Call at Butterball?

“A lady lived in Michigan and she was thawing her turkey in the back deck, which we do not recommend. Some wildlife had gotten into her turkeys and ripped through the packaging and gnawed some of it off,” said Gwen Carlyle, an operator at Butterball. “She wanted to know if it were still safe to use for thanksgiving, which I told her ‘no’.”

Safe to say that was a good recommendation, one of many that Butterball has been providing since 1981.

How To Cook The Perfect Turkey According To Butterball

The challenge of crafting the perfect turkey for guests seems to be the biggest problem chefs have every year. So the experts aren’t just talking turkey, they’re testing it to at Butterball University.

“So [the turkey] goes into the pan breast side up, set your oven at 325 degrees. Spray a little bit of oil on it before you put it in, it will brown it up really nice,” said Miller.

Make Sure It’s Safe To Eat

Once you think its ready check the temperatures to see if it’s good. Make sure the meat thermometer reads 180 degrees in the thigh, 170 in the breast, and the stuffing has to be at least 165.

Call Ahead of Time

And if you still have some last minute questions you might want call ahead of the Thanksgiving. On that day over 10,000 people will dial up the 1-800-Butterball phone number ready to learn how to cook the perfect turkey.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.