Buzzed Desserts Denied

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The Liquor Commission heard a request for a new type of license.

Chip VonLehman, a potential franchisee for Buzzed Bull Creamery, came before the Liquor Commission in February requesting a new license that would allow them to serve flash-frozen alcoholic ice cream.

But fears that existing businesses would be disadvantaged by the new license convinced the commission to vote no to the request.

“My fear is that once we open this up, I’m concerned about what comes behind it,” said Commissioner Joe Vozar. “We had chocolate martinis, we have ice cream, next it will be cupcakes, next it will be fruit, whatever, pick a thing.”

City Council Has Final Authority

The creamery will take its negative recommendation from the Liquor Commission to Naperville City Council for the final say. It could still potentially qualify for a tavern license if council agrees with the Liquor Commission.

Buzzed Bull Creamery currently operates in Cincinnati and Wilmington, North Carolina with another location in Atlanta coming soon.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.