Camp Naper’s Incredible Creatures

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Kids were buzzing with excitement over a special day at Camp Naper.

Drone, worker, and of course the queen. These kids got an up close lesson all about honeybees during their “Incredible Creatures” camp at Naper Settlement.

Beekeeper Bill Whitney stopped by with some bees from one of his own hives, and talked about the roles bees can have and the ways they collect honey. Some kids even tried on his protective beekeepers suit.

“For me personally, this is a lot of fun,” said Whitney. “I love interacting with people or kids and I learn things. Like I had just learned that bees know what 0 is and one of the kids in the audience knew that, which is really astonishing to me. But I’ve had kids tell me things that I didn’t know. Kids do make observations that are very astute. They’re going ‘well why is this bee doing that?’ and I hadn’t thought about that. So it causes me to think.”

Camp Naper’s summer day camps are almost all sold out, but you can always try a waiting list or check it out next year.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.