Cantigny’s Gardens Re-Open

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Roses, hedges, and trees. You’ll find all of them in Cantigny Park’s re-opened gardens.

As part of the park’s $25 million Project New Leaf renovation, the gardens were closed in the fall of 2017 to get needed refurbishments.

“We really wanted to be able to set this property and the park and all its features up for long-term success. And so when some of the infrastructure things start breaking down or getting old and tired, it’s our responsibility to do our best to recreate, rejuvenate, refresh and rebuild all those areas that need help. Along with making the park more accessible for everyone,” said Scott Witte, the director of horticulture at Cantigny.

Cantigny members got a sneak peek at the updated gardens a few days early, where a randomly selected member got to cut the ribbon.

“The garden is so beautiful and designed with a lot of thought in mind. It’s just a very easy thing to tour and look at and enjoy, whether you’re a novice or more experienced in your garden. And it’s very wheelchair accessible, as someone in a wheelchair that’s important to me,” said Cantigny Member Janice Dugan.

As you enter the park, the new ADA pathways are bordered by 250 feet of perennials.

Make your way through the hedges and you can wander through the relocated rose garden with over 50 varieties, the white garden featuring flowering white plants, the pollinator garden for hummingbirds and bees, the lower display garden with a geometric theme, and eventually down to the pond garden with a new step that brings you right to the waters edge.

“[It’s] really so much more elaborate and developed, but very nicely so it still feels very natural,” added Dugan.

The refreshed gardens at Cantigny still honor the original 1960s designs from renowned landscape architect Franz Lipp.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.