Carrie Underwood Tweets About Local Singer

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A local woman’s viral video recently got the attention of Carrie Underwood.

Kristin Giannini’s singing bartending days may be behind her now, but they recently got brought back into the limelight when Underwood herself shared a video of her.

“So I’ve always loved to sing and I worked at a really high-volume bar in Nashville. And it started out slow one day so the karaoke host was like ‘hey do you mind singing a few songs maybe we’ll get some people in.’ I said ‘yeah absolutely, of course.’ And as I started singing, well people started coming in and I was the only bartender there and I didn’t want to make them wait for drinks. I just figured out how to do both at the same time and it just became a thing I did everyday at work,” explained Giannini, now the director of clubhouse operations at White Eagle Golf Course.

The video was taken in 2014 when the Illinois native lived in Nashville. Having waves of popularity on the Internet, the video just recently got a big boost from the country music star.

“And I was like ‘holy cow Carrie Underwood just tweeted about me.’ So I thought I was going to throw up actually,” she added. “I was so excited and just like ‘how did this happen? Carrie Underwood called me beautiful and talented I’ll take that as a win for life.’ So it was quite crazy, really exciting, and super cool.”

Giannini now lives in Naperville with her family, and says she can’t wait to show the shout out to her sons when they’re older to earn some “cool points.”

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.