Casey’s Foods Celebrates 30 Years

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“I am a caretaker of a legacy and that is pivotal to my decision-making and the respect for where this business has come from,” said Casey’s Foods Owner Kris Visher.

Casey’s Celebrates 30 Years

Casey’s Foods has reached a milestone – 30 years. The store started off in town with Dan Casey on August 15, 1991. He handed off the reins two years ago to current owner Kris Visher, who had been working at Casey’s since 2004.

“I worked and learned from Dan so I think I was a pretty ok bet to take it to the next step,” said Visher.

That next step is making sure to continue serving the community at large, as well as their customers. “We’re fortunate to have clientele who have been with us for the last 30 years or 20 years, whatever portion there of,” said Visher. “It’s great to see that their kids are now starting their families, or that are moving back to the community are coming. So I’d love to grow that we’re an answer for families of any size and shape.”

Partnership with Little Friends

To celebrate 30 years, Casey’s partnered with Little Friends over the summer. The store is raising funds to sponsor a garden plot at Little Friends and held an art fair to showcase 10 Little Friends artists. Casey’s customers can also buy school supplies and snacks for the non-profit’s students until August 17.

Legacy of Dan Casey

Looking ahead to the next 30 years, and hopefully longer, Visher thinks about how to continually evolve the business and keeps the legacy Dan Casey left at the forefront.

“Remember where we came from and remember where we want to go to,” said Visher.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.