Casey’s Foods Sold to Longtime Employee

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Casey’s Foods is soon to be under new ownership.

The store’s owner, Dan Casey, has sold the business to longtime employee Kris Visher.

“I’m 64, my daughter lives on the east coast – my one and only child. So we want to spend a little more time there,” said Casey. “She has a baby, we want to be near our grandkid. And it’s just time. It’s time for somebody else to take this forward.”

Dan Casey has worked at Casey’s Foods since it was started in 1969 by his father and uncle. Dan will continue to work for the business as an Executive Officer after the sale becomes effective on June 1.

Trusted New Owner of Casey’s Foods

Visher has worked at Casey’s since 2005 as business manager, HR manager, and accountant.

“It’s just time,” Casey added. “I think we’ve put together good teams and we’ve been progressive in doing things to keep up with the times and listening to what our customers want and do it.”

Casey stressed that fans of the store shouldn’t worry: their favorites like the queso dip and marinated skirt steaks aren’t going anywhere.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.