Catholic Nuns from Sisters Rising Worldwide on the Frontlines

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Catholic Nuns on the Frontlines

So many are working on the frontlines right now to protect our communities.

But those called to serve may not be the first on your mind when you hear the term “frontline workers.”

“They’re silent heroes. They’re saving communities. And you don’t hear about them, but sisters aren’t one to really promote a lot of what they do,” said Kelly Young, chief operating officer of Sisters Rising Worldwide.

Around 700,000 catholic nuns around the world are responding to the coronavirus pandemic as they continue to serve their communities.

“It’s what do I need to do for my village? What do I need to do to help them?” said Young. “This is their life, this is who they are, it doesn’t change just because COVID-19 comes around. They continue to do their work.”

Sisters Rising Worldwide

Young, who lives in Naperville, is the chief operating officer of Sisters Rising Worldwide, a non-profit that provides a technology platform to sisters all over the world so they can share resources and best practices.

They are working hard to address social injustice and basic human needs in their areas, while also fighting COVID-19.

One example, sister Shirley in India, who’s making sure her village practices social distancing while also getting meals to them.

“You have this community of people that are starving, yet when the food truck comes in she has such order and respect in that community,” said Young. “She has drawn circles on the ground and the next in line will stand in that circle and then she hands out the food to them. So really organizing that because if she stays home like we’re all supposed to these people would starve to death.”

With the help of their partnership with humanitarian aid group, Alight, Sisters Rising Worldwide is able to consult with doctors over Zoom about coronavirus prevention measures.

Young said as the organization grows, they hope to integrate local sisters, including those in Naperville.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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