Chabad of Naperville Holds Menorah Parade

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December 13 was the fourth night of Chanukah, and to celebrate the Festival of Lights, Chabad of Naperville made some menorah-mobiles.

“This is something that actually, I grew up personally in Brooklyn in New York and that has been very common having menorah parades all around Brooklyn and Manhattan and it’s something that Chabad does around the world, and something that I thought about doing over the years and COVID got me to do it, so there’s a plus,” said Rabbi Mendy Goldstein with Chabad of Naperville.

Menorah Meet-up and Holiday Happenings

Once the menorahs were on the move, they paraded around town, and ended up at Fox Valley Mall, where Chabad of Naperville held holiday festivities. There was a drive-in style screening of Chanukah videos, with singing, dancing and donuts.

Once the sun went down, the menorah was lit to celebrate the fourth night of Chanukah. A symbol of hope, and a reminder that even in 2020, cheer can be spread, traditions don’t have to end, and light shines brighter in the darkness.

“This year we’ve been through so many challenges with COVID, each affecting everybody in their own way so how much more so and important it is to gather the strength, to get out there to celebrate a little bit different but still the same just to have the Chanukah spirit,” said Rabbi Mendy Goldstein with Chabad of Naperville.

The eight and final night of Chanukah is Thursday, December 17th.

For Naperville News 17’s Ryan Skryd reports.


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