Charity Build Project for the Parker Family

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13-year-old Olivia Parker and her family were blown away by the transformation of their family room.

“I feel like I can’t even take it all in, I’m so overwhelmed. It’s just so beautiful,” said AnnaMaria Parker, Olivia’s mom. “It’s awesome,” said Olivia.

Charity Build Project

Thanks to the Charity Build Project, the Parkers’ family room and living room have gotten an upgrade.

Napervillian Lauren Burke, who does home DIY and design, got the idea from her friend Kristen Reiche.

“I just find a family in need that needs a lift in their life and redo a space in their home and it’s so fun to see the relief and peace that comes from a space that’s rejuvenated,” said Reiche.

When Reiche decided to come to Naperville, the two were searching for a family to help. And they were led right to the Parkers.

Olivia’s room also got a sunny makeover. Burke and the team made sure to bring in a lower kitchen table and a new recliner to make her more comfortable.

Olivia was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2018.

“We’re home a lot more than what we’re used to in our normal life so to be doing that in this beautiful setting is just such a gift and there won’t be day where we won’t just feel that, just the love that goes into these special things that they did for us,” said AnnaMaria.

It took three days of work – whitewashing the fireplace, replacing the carpet, bringing in new furniture and everything else in between.

For Burke, it was all worth it.

“It just helps us to realize what a difference we’re making and it makes us feel so proud and so happy to know that our talent and time was being able to be given a family who needed it,” said Burke.

One More Surprise

And before they said their goodbyes, Burke had one more surprise for the family up her sleeve.

“We actually applied for a grant from Home Depot and we won $10,000 to redo [their] kitchen,” said Burke.

They hope to come back in October for the final transformation.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.