Chinese Teachers Visit Metea Valley High School

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Metea Valley High School hosted a delegation of students from Guangzhou, China, this week.

The group of instructors and lecturers chose Metea as the only high school they will visit during their three-week trip to the U.S.

Group leaders say they want to observe U.S. teaching methods they might want to take back to China.

“This is more career ready,” said Metea Valley High School Career and Technical Education Chair Kathy Wonsowski. “A different area that isn’t always looked at in the importance behind it, so we get to showcase that and that it really is a big deal for a lot of students. This leads to some really great opportunities for them in the future.”

Another group came for a similar tour several years ago to observe foreign language and academic classes, but this group focused on CTE classes.

“They are very surprised to the environment of our culinary class and also for the engineering development class,” said trip organizer Derrick Zheng of the 21st Century Institute. “They have their own laptop from our district who provide this electronic device for our students which is very, very convenient and also inspires our delegation.”

The delegation also visited community colleges in the area.

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.