Chrissy Metz Comes to Naperville

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One of the stories Chrissy Metz shared was how she landed the role of Kate Pearson in NBC’s “This is Us.”

“I get a call from this 818 number, and I’m yelling into my Bluetooth ‘hello? hello?’ And I hear on the other line ‘Hi Chrissy, it’s Dan Fogelman,’” Chrissy recounted to laughing fans.

It was one of the stories she shared when she visited Pfeiffer Hall for an Anderson’s Bookshop event promoting her new book “This is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today.”

During the event, Chrissy joked with her best friend who joined her on stage, told stories, answered audience questions, and gave a little bit of life advice.

“She was super positive,” said “This is Us” fan Sarah Jennings. “I just loved how she was giving all these positive messages. I didn’t think we were going to come to this and get life lessons but that’s the sense I got from it.”

And with signatures in their new books to wrap up the night, this is one event fans of “This is Us” won’t soon forget.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.