City Making Special Accommodations for Outdoor Dining

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Your favorite restaurant might be serving more diners al fresco in the coming weeks.

Outdoor Dining

The City of Naperville is making special accommodations so restaurants can serve more outdoor guests during phase three of the Restore Illinois plan.

“The mayor is issuing an executive order this morning and that is going to expand opportunities both in the downtown as well as throughout the City of Naperville,” said Christine Jeffries, president of DineNaperville and the Naperville Development Partnership.

Temporary Dining Spaces

That’s good news for establishments with outdoor space or rooftops, but restaurants will also be allowed to temporarily convert up to 25% of their available parking spaces to a dining area.

Public works crews are installing fenced areas in front of downtown restaurants today.

Social distancing guidelines still need to be followed, with tables six feet apart and diners wearing masks while not at the table eating and drinking. That includes when entering the restaurant to use the restroom or get to the outside area.

City leaders are also considering closing off Jefferson Avenue to vehicular traffic between Main Street and Washington Street during evening hours Friday through Sunday.

“We probably won’t be doing it this weekend, however next weekend we may give it a try,” said Jeffries. “And again, everybody has to be flexible and nimble and if it works well, that’s great, if it doesn’t, then we may need to change course”

“We have to be flexible”

It’s still unknown how long these changes will be in effect, but Jeffries said they’re all temporary measures.

“As we’re able to open up the indoor space, I’m guessing throughout the summer there’s probably going to be a need for a little bit more outdoor space,” she said. “So this is very temporary and we have to be flexible to keep our businesses alive and keep our residents, our customers, and the employees all safe.”

Outdoor dining in Naperville begins May 29.

Naperville news 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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