City Presents 95th Street-Book Road Options

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City officials held an open house to discuss options for the intersection of 95th Street and Book Road.

The intersection has been identified as congested and potentially dangerous, leading the city to take action and upgrade the juncture.

“This is the second public meeting. The first one was to bring the public in, learn about existing conditions, hear peoples concerns,” said City of Naperville Project Engineer Kelly Dunne. “Now after we’ve done that and the traffic analysis and the crash analysis, we have three alternatives we’re presenting.”

Option one adds right turn lanes to the eastbound and southbound lanes.

Option two includes those same right turn lanes, but also widens Book Road on either side of the intersection.

And option three is the same as option two, but includes right turn lanes for traffic going in all directions.

Residents were also able to provide feedback via a suggestion box.

City officials will take the feedback from this meeting to help determine what action to take next, with a target date for construction in 2021.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.