City Presents Open Data Portal

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Naperville city staff recently presented a new open data portal to city council.

The open data portal allows anyone to access information on different city programs, including crime reports, financial data, and sustainability efforts.

The city’s Director of IT, Jeff Anderson, led the presentation and went through the ins and outs of the website.

“The approach we’ve gone after is to be very diligent about putting high-quality data out there and some might say we were not moving as quickly as we could,” said Anderson. “But what’s out there is of high value. So we’re trying to ensure that we’re not just throwing a whole bunch of things out there and saying ‘hey go figure this out’. Putting out higher quality should draw folks in.”

That data can be viewed in the form of charts, graphs, and, where applicable, maps.

Council members remarked on the usefulness of the data portal, comparing it to Naper Notify, which provides helpful information to those in and around the Naperville community.

The open data portal is available for anyone to view at

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.