Civil War Days Won’t Return to Settlement

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Civil War Days will no longer be taking place at Naper Settlement.

The Naperville Heritage Society announced that after 37 years, the event will sunset and won’t return in 2020.

Why it was Cancelled

It’s a decision the heritage society took their time making, as it was financially based.

“After looking at it, what we saw is over the last five years we’ve had a 52% decrease in attendance, a 50% decrease in revenue, and also a 35% decrease in re-enactors. And so with all of that rolled together it makes it difficult to continue,” explained Rena Tamayo-Calabrese, the president & CEO of Naper Settlement.

What will Come Next

The museum will be filling the vacancy by offering different large-scale pop-up educational exhibits each year.

“We’re very proud [and] we’re very thankful that people have been making their family memories with us,” added Tamayo-Calabrese. “And we hope that as we bring these new events that new memories and new cherished family moments will ensue as we look at next year.”

They’re starting with a World War II focused event in 2020 called Homefront 1940s Weekend, which will feature the travelling exhibit “Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy.”

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.