Clean the World With Hotel Arista

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Hotel Arista is doing its part to recycle its unused toiletries.

Employees packed up around 1500 pounds of soaps and shampoos recently as part of the hotel’s partnership with Clean the World.

Instead of sending the unused products to a landfill, Clean the World will pick them up, sanitize them, and recycle them into usable amenities for the less fortunate.

“This is our solution to having them pile up instead of them just going into waste and landfill,” said Hotel Arista Executive Housekeeper Micki Dobrowski. “The average soap takes around seven or eight years to break down so these soaps will now be used for a good cause instead of sitting for seven years.”

Dobrowski is known as the “green queen” at Hotel Arista, and she has been saving the toiletries for over a year. She estimates they still have about 1000 pounds of shampoos and soaps to pack up.

Hotel Arista is one of four Greenseal certified hotels in Illinois.

A responsible way to pitch in.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.