COD Faculty Vote to Authorize Strike

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For the first time in nearly 25 years, the College of DuPage’s Faculty Association has voted to authorize a strike.

Strike Can Happen

The 304-member union can now legally go on strike if they choose to, after first giving a 10-day “intent to strike” notice to the college.

The group had not yet done so at the time of this report.

Why Now?

“The reason that we decided to take a vote like this at this time is not because we want to go on strike. It is because we want to empower our negotiation team to be able to decide when and if a strike will in fact be necessary,” explained CODFA President Shannon Toler.

The CODFA has been negotiating with the COD Board of Trustees for a new contract since March, and their current one expired on August 14.

The two groups entered mediation in order to reach an agreement, but thus far much has been left on the bargaining table.

CODFA has been negotiating for salary increases, a change in promotion structure, and enhancement of faculty evaluations.

The Trustees’ Response

COD’s administration says they hope to reach a compromise and avoid a strike.

“As often is the case with contract negotiations, the result of CODFA’s vote to authorize a strike was anticipated. But we are still encouraged by the tenor of the discussions. In fact, college leadership and the Board of Trustees are confident both sides can reach an agreement that is fair and mindful of the best interests of our students,” said Board of Trustees Chairman Frank Napolitano in a statement.

Could Make History

If the CODFA does go on strike, it would be the first in the group’s history.

At the time of this report there are two more mediation agreement meetings scheduled.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.