Coming up at Council 02-16-18

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Property Tax

Council will receive a report on the 2018 budget and review options to decrease the property tax levy. Council has been working to find additional revenue to make a $2.1 million budget change in order to lower the property tax levy.

Sales Tax

One of those revenue sources is the home rule sales tax. Council will vote on a proposal to raise the home rule sales tax from 0.5 percent to 0.75 percent. That would bring in an estimated $4.46 million dollars more for the city.

5th Avenue

And after an update from the developer chosen to lead community engagement on the 5th Avenue development project, council will decide whether to approve continued engagement efforts. Those efforts will include establishing working groups focused on specific areas of the project, development and distribution of a land use and height survey, and market and technical research to determine development options for council to consider.