Comprehensive Master Plan Update

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The City of Naperville recently hosted an open house to discuss its Comprehensive Master Plan.

Houseal Lavigne Associates

Naperville hired Houseal Lavigne Associates in June to update the city’s plan, which was first drafted in 1960.

Representatives of the firm led residents through a baseline concept for the plan while also taking questions and suggestions from those in attendance.

“I hadn’t participated before so it was just primarily me learning what the purpose of this plan was. So I think I learned quite a bit about the process as well as the use of it, the intended use of the plan,” said Naperville resident Bob Irvine.

What is a Comprehensive Master Plan?

A Comprehensive Master Plan serves as a guide for development across the entire city, while also addressing things like affordable housing, traffic, and other city goals.

At this meeting, Houseal Lavigne was looking for more resident feedback on the land-use proposed in the plan.

“We heard from the community that there was a desire for more open space, or a loss of open space and a desire to see more open space throughout the community and linkages,” said Houseal Lavigne Principal Devin Lavigne.

The comprehensive master plan draft is available for public viewing on the city’s website. The final plan is expected to be ready in January.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.