Cop on a Rooftop in Naperville

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A special event brought police officers to Dunkin’ Donuts for more than their love of coffee and donuts.

Cop on a Rooftop had officers from the Naperville Police Department participating for the first time this year to help raise money for Special Olympics Illinois.

“It gets people out and we just meet a ton of new people. Our athletes are out in the community just promoting what they do and the benefits of Special Olympics. It’s incredible, it’s fun; it’s got great energy,” said Amanda Nelson, Area 25 manager for Special Olympics. “Today the weather could be a bit better for us but people are still coming out and supporting which is really important.”

Donations were collected at over 200 Dunkin’ Donuts locations throughout Illinois today, from 5 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Police in Illinois donate around $4 million every year for Special Olympics Illinois.

“For a lot of us, the personal reasons, I have a lot of friends with kids in the Special Olympics. Once you are around the athletes, it’s contagious. It’s just a great event, we help with the games, caring the torch and handing out the medals and things like that too,” said Commander Tom Kammerer with the Naperville Police Department.

The Naperville Police Department will be helping with the Special Olympics Torch Run starting June 5. More information can be found on Special Olympics Illinois’ website.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.