Council Bans Pedal Pubs, Okays New Park Design

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Pedal pubs have been cut off in Naperville.

Naperville City Council took firm action against the vehicles and all “quadricycles” by voting 7-1 to ban them throughout the City of Naperville.

“I don’t think residents or business outside the downtown want to see or be a party to the pedal pubs any more than the downtown does,” said Councilman Kevin Coyne.

“I think it needs to be considered throughout the whole city versus just downtown and just the arterial roads,” said Councilwoman Patricia Gustin.

Councilwoman Judy Brodhead was the lone vote against the ban, while Councilman John Krummen recused himself from the discussion.

At their previous meeting, council banned pedal pubs from Downtown Naperville and arterial roads, citing traffic concerns as the major issue.

However, what will be coming to downtown is a new park.

Council unanimously approved the final design of the Naperville Jaycees Park presented to them by Hitchcock Design Group.

The “smart park” will include charging stations, a rain garden, and enough seating for anyone to hold outdoor meetings.

“If you think about the Riverwalk, as you walk up and down most of the seating is what we call passive seating,” said Geoff Roehll of Hitchcock Design Group. “There’s really not seating in this entire section of the Riverwalk where someone could sit down, other than at a picnic table, and hold an outdoor meeting.”

Roehll shared new renderings with council that detail the layout of each element of the park.

Energy for the park will be provided by solar panels that will be added to the top of the Municipal Center. They will also help offset the energy requirements of the Municipal Center, the savings from which will help pay for park maintenance.

Council also voted unanimously to officially make the future park a part of the Riverwalk.

Roehll added that the proximity of Naperville Jaycees Park to the Municipal Center and the new Water Street District would invite plenty of foot traffic into and through the park.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.