Council Moves to Make Naperville a “Welcoming City”

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At the most recent City Council meeting, Councilwoman Becky Anderson directed staff to write up a resolution declaring that Naperville is welcoming to everyone regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.

This after residents spoke during public forum at recent meetings, requesting that the council take some official action to help all feel welcomed in our town.

“We make sure that everyone is accepted within our city boundaries who are residents and who are visitors. I think there are a lot of people with the rhetoric that’s going around right now in the country, there are a lot of people of the Muslim faith who are frightened,” said Councilwoman Anderson.

The proposed resolution, which was backed by many council members, would not be considered a legally binding ordinance, but more of a statement that says the city serves everyone equally.

The council also honored Naperville area resident and activist Ron Allen, who was shot and killed on Chicago’s west side back in December of 2016.

Allen founded his own insurance agency in town and formed the Unity Partnership Outreach group which works to foster relationships between DuPage County law enforcement agencies and residents.

He was remembered for his efforts to make the community a better place.

Naperville News 17’s Alyssa Bochenek reports.