Council Revamps Commuter Parking System

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Naperville city staff is revamping the commuter parking system at the Naperville Metra Station.

Deputy Director of TED Jennifer Louden presented their plan at the most recent Naperville City Council meeting.

“We feel this work plan addresses the concerns we have heard while also considering our long program history as well as looking toward the future,” said Louden.

Goals for the Commuter Parking System

The plan identified several goals to improve the parking system, including:

Regularly auditing permit-holders to eliminate secondhand permit transfers, encouraging higher utilization of the Route 59 Metra Station, and making Pace Bus a more cost-competitive option.

“In Chicago, you’ll have people take the bus because the bus is far cheaper than the cost of parking, particularly if you’re downtown,” said Councilman Kevin Coyne. “Here we have the opposite dynamic where it’s actually cheaper to park than take the bus. I don’t understand why we would ever have anybody who would ever take the bus that didn’t have to.”

Permit Costs Could Go Up

Coyne also suggested increasing the cost of a permit, which he said would more accurately reflect its market value and discourage permit-holders from holding on to their spot when they don’t need it.

A public speaker disagreed, saying that would punish responsible permit-holders.

“You’re asking people who count on it, who use it, day in and day out – you’re asking them to pay more so you can discourage other people who don’t use it appropriately,” said Naperville resident Jim Hill.

Council approved the plan as presented, but will continue to consider ways to improve the commuter parking system as the plan is implemented over the next several years.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.