Council Seeks More Info On Ancillary Cannabis Businesses

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Naperville City Council discussed the possibility of allowing ancillary cannabis businesses to operate in the city.

Businesses like cultivation facilities, cannabis transportation companies, and testing labs remain prohibited in the city, but were discussed in the lead up to council voting to allow up to three cannabis stores in August 2o2o.

In recent meetings, Mayor Steve Chirico asked those ancillary businesses be reconsidered, saying it was “good commerce.”

Some Opposition

However, some public speakers and members of council pushed back against allowing these businesses into the city.

“Not sure we need to be a guinea pig on this. I’m not sure what the rush is,” said Councilwoman Patty Gustin, who opposes recreational cannabis sales in the city.

“I really didn’t think this would be a controversial issue. These are businesses that go without notice within most communities,” Chirico said. “I think the only reason it is controversial is because it’s connected to cannabis and the timing.”

Concerns About Smell

Council was split on most businesses that could be allowed, though there was some consensus on disallowing cultivation facilities and craft growers due to concerns about if those facilities will give off a smell.

“Any issues connected to odor are definitely valid ones and things we should think about and would weigh pretty heavily when that information comes in,” said Councilwoman Judy Brodhead, who voted in favor of recreational cannabis sales in August.

Seeking More Info

Transportation businesses and testing facilities each saw six council members looking for more information, while infusing businesses had five council members interested.

The State of Illinois has not yet licensed any infusing companies, but Chirico said he would like Naperville to be ready when that happens, considering the speed with which the cannabis industry is expanding.

City staff will research each type of business and draft an ordinance that will go to the Planning and Zoning Commission. That will then come to city council, who will decide which types of businesses to allow within the city limits.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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