Council Tables Vote on CityGate West

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Naperville City Council tabled a vote on the proposed CityGate West development planned near I-88 and Route 59.

The $200 million mixed-use development was proposed with two hotels, at least 410 apartment units, and retail space.

Support for CityGate West, But Too Many Issues

Multiple council members present at the meeting said they like the project, but there are too many hurdles and unknowns to approve it right now.

“I do hope that we’re going to find a path to get there and get something like this built, but my concern is right now, it seems like there’s so much of a disconnect between some of our most important stakeholders that usually are oftentimes aligned on developments like this,” said Councilman Patrick Kelly.

Council cited concerns about affordable housing, lack of parking, the unknown timeline for the full project, and the amount of entitlement requests.

“What turned me off was a page and a half of entitlements that were never spoken of during the Planning commission meetings. I watched them both, nobody talked about any of this stuff. It was all about phasing and hotels,” said Councilman Paul Hinterlong.

Other Organizations Opposed

The Naperville Development Partnership and Indian Prairie School District 204 submitted letters opposing the project as presented. NDP does not support limited-service hotels and the school district feels CityGate West would add too many students to its schools. In a different agenda item at the meeting, District 204 discussed updating the generation tables that determine how much money and/or land needs to be dedicated to the school district as part of new developments.

Council advised developer Inter-Continental Real Estate & Development to work with those organizations and city staff before the issue returns to the dais in four weeks.

Naperville News 17’s Casey Krajewski reports.


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