Council to Discuss Cannabis Zoning Process, 2020 Budget, & Lincoln at CityGate Centre

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Cannabis Zoning

At next week’s Naperville City Council meeting, the group will discuss the process to determine zoning requirements for potential adult-use cannabis dispensaries. The council will provide direction regarding zoning districts, parking requirements, a limit on the number of dispensaries, and other relevant topics.

Council likely will not discuss taxes or revenue generation from adult-use dispensaries, but will decide the format for that discussion. They could decide to either place the item on a future council agenda or set a special meeting dedicated to that issue.

City staff also laid out a rough timeline for future cannabis discussions – staff will take up to 30 days to present a draft zoning ordinance, an additional 30 days to put the item on a Planning and Zoning Commission agenda, and 30-45 days for two readings at city council meetings. They estimate council could adopt the ordinance by October 2020.

In the March 17 primary election, 53% of Naperville residents voted in favor of adult-use cannabis sales in Naperville.

Budget Reductions

Council will also discuss a proposed reduction of $24,974,860 for the 2020 city budget. Staff is proposing several capital improvement projects be deferred, including $2.6 million for the Downtown Streetscape and $7 million for improvements on North Aurora Avenue between Frontenac Road and Weston Ridge

Improvements on North Aurora Road between Frontenac and Weston Ridge are being proposed for deferral

Drive. The largest item proposed for deferral is $9 million for the automatic water meter reading project.

The city maintains $45 million in cash reserves. The agenda item reads, “Gradual usage of these reserves would become more likely later in the year as impacts become clearer; however, there are several factors around their usage, including a reduction in City expenses and the length of the recovery phase.”

Lincoln at CityGate Centre

Lincoln at CityGate Centre will also be discussed. Council will consider the Final Planned Unit Development for the 285 unit multi-family rental building and rooftop event center, though staff says it substantially conforms to the Preliminary PUD council approved in September 2019.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Casey Krajewski.


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