County Board Invocations Put to a Vote

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The question of continuing invocations at DuPage County Board meetings will be put to a vote.

Back in December, newly elected Democrat Dawn DeSart initially questioned prayer being included at the start of their meetings.

Invocations have been a part of the board’s agenda since at least 1973.

Other democrats on the board agreed, while some republican board members argued the invocations encourage diversity by including different religions.

A prime example – the most recent board meeting invocation was given by an atheist.

Atheist blogger and author Hemant Mehta gave what he called a moment of reflection. He spoke about the board’s civic duties and how to do what’s best for our county.

“We ask that you use your time to deliberate and debate, not pray and prostrate,” said Mehta in his speech. “I urge you instead to remember the original motto of this country – ‘E Pluribus Unum.’ Out of many, one. There’s a lot of important work to be done on behalf of all of us.”

It was the first time an atheist gave the invocation, which is traditionally done by religious leaders of varying faiths.

Board member Sam Tornatore asked that the invocation issue be put on the board’s March 26 meeting agenda to be voted on.

Naperville News 17’s Christine Lena reports.