Creating a Circle of Peace in Naperville

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Rain or shine, over 100 people participated in the community Circle of Peace at the Islamic Center of Naperville.

The group, Moms Building Bridges, organized the event to send a message of peace throughout the community.

“What we wanted to do in Moms Building Bridges is build bridges and have a nonpartisan event that would start the healing process and show support for our neighbors, support for their rights,” said Kathy McBane, the founder and managing director of Moms Building Bridges.

The event started with walking around the mosque together while holding a rope to symbolize community solidarity.

The Circle of Peace brought out advocates young and old, and local group Naper Gals as well.

“I think that the climate in our country has made many people of many faiths or many different backgrounds feel very afraid and very alone and feel worried about where we’re headed in the future,” said Holly Hootman, an administrator of Naper Gals.

During the Circle of Peace, a charter for compassion was read aloud with all attendees together. There was a moment of silent mediation or prayer and then everyone joined in a song about peace.

“I think it’s fantastic in that the number of people who showed up, especially on a day like today,” said Steve Griffin, an attendee of the event. “A lot of people seem to be sharing the same thoughts that me and my wife are sharing.”

Future community unity events like this one can be found on Moms Building Bridges’ Facebook page.

Naperville news 17’s Christine Lena reports.