“Crime Time” Event Teaches About NPD CSI Unit

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A suicide note, a body, and a room full of evidence – that was the scene at the Naper Boulevard Library when the Naperville Police Department’s crime scene unit came to visit.

More than 30 Naperville residents came out to the library’s “Crime Time” event to get some hands-on training in crime scene investigation.

The crime scene unit spoke about cases they’ve covered and documenting evidence and even set up their own mock crime scene complete with a body.

“It was fascinating to see what knowledge and skill levels we have within our police force as well as the equipment and technology that they use on a daily basis,” said Peggy Frank, who participated in the investigation. “It’s better than anything you see on television.”

Community members were able to dust for prints, complete their own investigation to determine what crime was committed and find the perpetrator. 

Naperville News 17’s Beth Bria reports.