Crimes Are Down From Last Year, According To Naperville Police

Crimes Are Down From Last Year, According To Naperville Police
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Today the Naperville Police Department released its 2020 Mid-Year Crime Statistics. The data is from January to June of this year and is compared to the same time frame from last year, and revealed crimes are down from last year.

Part 1 Crimes

“The City of Naperville experienced a 4.2% reduction in Part I crimes compared to the same six-month time period last year,” according to a press release. “These are considered violent and serious crimes, which are reported to the State of Illinois and the FBI on a monthly basis.”

Part 1 Crimes

Robbery Crimes

There was one murder in 2020. Most of the Part 1 crimes that increased were under the category of robbery. Armed Robbery went from 8 to 19, Burglary 64 to 84, Burglary to Motor Vehicle 83 to 180, and Motor Vehicle Theft 31 to 42.

Part 1 Crimes Highlights

“It is important to note that in approximately 68% of residential and 58% of commercial burglaries, the suspect did not use force to gain entry. Similarly, 86% of the burglary to motor vehicles reported thus far in 2020 involved unlocked doors and 83% of all the reported auto thefts occurred because the cars were left running unattended or were parked with the keys left in them. These are crimes of opportunity,” said the press release.

The NPD is strongly encouraging residents to follow its “Lock It or Lose It” campaign – and to keep valuables out of plain sight and lock your homes and vehicles.

Part 2 Crimes

Part 2 Crimes

Part 2 Crimes are also down 17% from last year. The NPD lists 20 offenses as Part 2 Crimes. Those include assault, arson, criminal abortion, and other offenses.

Of the 20 offenses, 7 are up from last year. Assaults went from 345 to 359, Cannabis Control Act 53 to 54, Criminal Damage & Trespass to Property 248 to 257, Intimidation 2 to 3, Methamphetamine Offenses 0 to 1, Reckless Homicide 0 to 1, and Sex Offenses 13 to 18.

All the other Part 2 crimes decreased except for arson, which remained at 1.

Part 2 Crimes Highlights

“Our police officers and staff, partnered with our community members, have done a great job addressing crime in our city. However, we continue to need help from members of our community to drive crime down. Residents are encouraged to get involved with our police department, continue reporting suspicious activity immediately to 9-1-1 and always lock up their belongings,” said the press release.

To see the full report you can visit the NPD’s website.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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