Crimes On Rise in Naperville

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Over the last three months, Naperville has seen an uptick in crime.

According to the Naperville Police Department, both aggravated assaults and motor vehicle thefts are up from this same time last year.

By March of 2016, there had been eight aggravated assaults for the year, as compared to 24 this year. The number of motor vehicle thefts in that same time period has gone from eight to 19.

Most assaults have stemmed from domestic disturbances, driving altercations, or mental health related incidents. But motor vehicle thefts have often been facilitated by the victims themselves.

Naperville Police Chief Bob Marshall comments, “One of the things we’re still seeing in Naperville for example, especially in the area of motor vehicle theft is residents continuing to leave their cars unlocked, with their fobs or their keys within the cars.” He urges, “Please everybody, lock your cars, lock your car doors – don’t leave your keys in the car.”

Businesses have also been targets of recent crime, prompting police to remind workers that compliance with a robber is your best bet.

“Give them the cash they want, and then make sure you note the physical description of the individuals so that helps the police department solve the case,” says Marshall.

On the up side – thefts in Naperville are 20 percent lower this year than at this time in 2016.

Naperville News 17’s Kim Pirc reports.