Curly Hamilton is Mascot of Naperville Ribfest 2017

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Meet Naperville Ribfest’s 2017 mascot, Curly Hamilton!

Today Curly was introduced to Naperville at the Naperville Bank & Trust where he danced and took pictures with Ribfest organizers, volunteers, and even Mayor Steve Chirico.

“He’s a fun loving pig, loves to dance, loves to jam out to music, loves all kinds of music, and is extremely excited to be the official mascot for Ribfest this year,” said Joel Carlsen, the chairman-elect of Ribfest 2018 and ran sponsorship for Ribfest 2017.

Curly is a Naperville native and was born July 4, 1988, the same day Naperville Ribfest started.

15 people tried out for the chance to be curly and three were selected. The new Curlies went through mascot training and learned all about Ribfest and their mission to end domestic violence and child abuse.

You can find Curly Hamilton helping the cause with his dancing and jamming at Naperville Ribfest starting June 30.

Naperville news 17’s Christine Lena reports.