Current Automotive Looks to the Future of the Auto Industry

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Tesla only launched their first car in 2008, but in the 10 years since then, they’ve become a household name and a force to reckon with in the auto industry.

They have a head start, but nearly all other car manufacturers are working to quickly electrify their lineups.

Current Automotive, a Naperville-based online car storefront, is ready to help people make the transition.

“We’re positioning ourselves to be there and offer those products as they come into the secondary market because who doesn’t like a deal versus new,” said Seneca Giese, co-founder of Current Automotive.

Current Automotive exclusively deals in used hybrid and electric cars, and since it was founded by two ex-Tesla employees, the approach to the business is different than a traditional dealership.

“We’re here to help people make a decision about what kind of car to buy. We’re not here to sell them anything. If we work for what they want, great, but if their financial situation means a new Tesla works better than a 2,000 mile Tesla, we will freely tell people that. We’ve done it,” said Trip Jacobs, co-founder of Current Automotive.

And they believe the future of the industry is electric, not just because it’s a greener option than gas-burning cars, but because electric cars offer some very real benefits to consumers.

“There’s one moving part in an electric car. No belts, no oil changes, they’re low maintenance. The car will tell you when it needs something,” said Giese.

“If we call the pinnacle of racing Formula 1, well a Formula 1 car is a hybrid and most people don’t think about it but it’s the direction the industry is shifting because there are a lot of advantages of putting some level of electrification in a powertrain,” said Jacobs.

And there are other benefits too. Electric cars are incredibly quiet, no idling engine noise and no vibrations. When it’s time to get going, you don’t have to rev the engine to get up to speed. All of the electric motor’s power is available from a standstill.

Currently, there are over a dozen different charging spots in Naperville, including some exclusive electric car parking spots downtown.

Naperville News 17’s Blane Erwin reports.