D203 Plans to Bring Early Childhood Students Back to In-Person Learning

Back to In-Person Learning
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Back to In-Person Learning

At tonight’s school board of education meeting, Naperville School District 203 said they plan to bring early childhood students back to in-person learning starting November 5.

Full day preschool students will use an alternating day hybrid schedule when they return to school.

Elementary Students

Elementary students will continue with eLearning only. Though, students will transition back to the full day eLearning schedule instead of the ‘a.m.’ or ‘p.m.’ schedule.

Targeted and specialized students will continue some in-person learning.

Junior High and High School

Junior high and high school students will continue with full remote learning on the block schedule.

“Our block scheduling does allow for more time for our students to engage in less amount of periods a day. Especially in this online setting for our students to be able to collaborate more,” said Jayne Willard, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. “It also gives them more access to their teacher under one long period.”

Targeted and specialized students will continue some in-person learning.

The district plans to continue with these models for the different grade levels through November 16.

“It is with great disappointment and frustration that we have had to announce once again that our schools will continue remote learning with some exceptions,” said board president Kristin Fitzgerald. “Every single one of us wants nothing more than to have our kids and teachers in school in person. We know the huge burden remote learning has placed on our parents and staff and students.”

Before the plan was presented, a number of parents spoke during public comment. They asked the district to bring students back to some form of in-person learning.

“We are now in November with absolutely no sign of returning to school this semester,” said District 203 parent Mary Beth Baskin. “Dan [Bridges] I’d like to say, leaders lead. Some leaders follow. No leaders do nothing. Please open up.”

Connections Students

Connections students who have elected in-person learning will continue on an ‘a.m.’ or ‘p.m’ hybrid schedule.

Local Metrics

Though the school district previously paused their transition to hybrid learning due to guidance from the DuPage County Health Department, at tonight’s meeting Christine Igoe, assistant superintendent for student services, said these aren’t the only metrics the district looks at.

“It’s important to remember that these numbers help to paint a picture of how the virus is spreading by focusing on the trends that we are seeing,” said Igoe. “Decisions are not made based upon individual numbers, but rather provide a context to help us understand how the virus is spreading so we can make necessary decisions for in-person instruction.”

The full school board of education meeting can be found here.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.