Class Size Concern at D204

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A parent raised her concerns about classroom size at the latest Indian Prairie School Board District 204 meeting

Karen Darling spoke to school board officials and claimed since 2015, parents at Kendall Elementary have tried to work with the school’s principal to reduce class sizes.

Those issues still linger as Darling said this year, her son’s fifth grade classroom will have 31 students.

“We’re not pleased considering we live in a district that prides itself and toes the line that we are steps above other districts within the state,” said Darling. “And so, as you can imagine as a parents that is extremely frustrating.”

What’s The Average Classroom Sizes For Naperville School in 5th Grade?

The average classroom size for fifth graders in 204 is 28 students, Naperville News 17 reached out to District 203 about their average, but district officials declined to give a number saying “Naperville 203’s goal [is] to keep class sizes below 30 when space allows.”

District 203 generates more local revenue than district 204, so IPSD depends on the state for help, but Illinois has yet to fully fund them under their evidence based funding formula.

“We’re 80% adequately funded and 203 is 120% adequately funded. They have more resources, generally, to do things a little bit differently than we do. That’s one way to compare it,” said Board Member Justin Karubas.

This year District 204 received an additional $2 million from EBF but they spent that money hiring 17 staff members who will help at-risk students and help reduce class sizes.

Superintendent Karen Sullivan said if the district receives more money from the state next year they could tackle more of their Engage 204 goals, which includes reducing class sizes.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.