D204 Pilot Program Allows Some Students Back In Coming Weeks

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Some schools in Indian Prairie School District 204 will start a pilot program that allows some students to return back to in person instruction the coming weeks.

What The Plan Calls For

The plan would identify whole classes that could come in for a full day of instruction, and individual students brought in for enrichment activities.

The hope is the program will allow D204 to evaluate their health protocols and tweak them if necessary for when they eventually go back to full time in-person learning.

“We really need to examine very carefully the arrival and dismissal [of students] because of the number of parents who will be driving their kids to school,” said Dr. Adrian Talley, the schools districts superintendent. “That was very important for us to think about as we go forward. And so we really want to use this opportunity of these pilots to make sure our protocols are in place, and that they are making sense, and making sure people are safe and secure.”

Talley said teachers would teach in-person as well as remotely for students who require remote learning

Although the school district has started the school year remotely there are some students, like those enrolled in the district’s STEPS programs,that have had in-person instruction. Last week 24 schools brought in students, and the school anticipates that number to go up to 34 this week.

Those students, and the ones who will participate in the pilot program, are required to wear a mask and social distance when at school. Parents also need to self-certify their children before they can go on campus. The district will continue to follow state and county health department guidance.

Remote Still An Option

Talley also said the district will still offer remote learning for those who don’t feel comfortable returning to schools just yet.

More details about the pilot program is expected to be revealed at the next board meeting. The district will revaluate their return to school plan on October 30.

Naperville New 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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