D204 Student Creates Kindmindz, a Virtual Social Gathering Site

D204 Student Creates Kindmindz, a Virtual Social Gathering Site
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An Indian Prairie School District 204 student has created Kindmindz, an online site that allows community members to gather for virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creator Of Kindmindz

Neil Venkatesh, an incoming freshman at Neuqua Valley, wanted to find a way he could contribute in the fight against coronavirus.

“I started because I saw other people in our community were making changes,” said Venkatesh. “Some people were making masks for healthcare workers, and others were collecting and donating food to the less fortunate. And since we have to stay at home, it prevents us from being socially active with others. I thought of way I could still keep social lives happening, so we don’t stay socially inactive because it is not good for you.”

The Goal of The Website

Kindmindz creates virtual activities with the idea of connecting talent with an audience. Using Zoom, Venkatesh has hosted an array of events like bingo nights, a photography session, and even a Q&A about puppies.

“I always want to help out people, [and] I want to be nice to people,” said Venkatesh. “Some people really need help during these times because for people that don’t have people at home to talk to it can be kind of lonely at this time, and I don’t want people to be lonely.”

Admittedly shy in nature, Kindmindz has allowed Venkatesh to come into his own, a proud moment for his mother who has seen her son blossom this spring.

“He’s always been a shy kid, but always helping in nature,” said Sandhya Narayanappa “So this together the combination is great and I see how he’s opening up. The support pouring in it encourages him to do more at this time.”

Kindmindz’s Future

Since we spoke to Venkatesh, Illinois has moved into Phase 3 in the Restore Illinois plan, which allows for up to 10 people to gather. But he still plans for Kindmindz to continue hosting events long after the pandemic is over.

If you want to pitch an idea for Kindmindz to host, you can send them a message on Facebook.

Naperville News 17’s Christian Canizal reports.


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