Dance Schools Haven’t Put Their Dancing Shoes Away

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Dance Schools During Coronavirus

Dance schools have had to rely on virtual classes the last few weeks since everyone has been staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of the dance schools in the area have not put their dancing shoes away and found the positive side to staying at home.

Inspire School of Dance

“The kids have amazed me with their coming together to do these things online and getting excited and how they’ve really worked to inspire each other and talking about how much they mean to each other,” said Anne Forrest, artistic director at Inspire School of Dance.

Inspire has implemented creative ways like offering classes for their students’ parents and siblings so the whole family can enjoy the art form.

Xtreme Dance Center

Xtreme Dance Center has also kept their students on their toes by surprising them with free pop up classes. Their efforts are very much appreciated during this difficult time.

“We’ve had so much amazing feedback. Parents saying thank you for your hard work just to keep the kids engaged, to keep them active, to keep them having something to look forward to for the day,” said Brenda Huettl, co-owner of Xtreme Dance Center.

Samskriti Foundation

The Samskriti Foundation is also making sure to keep their dancers motivated.

Online lessons aren’t a new concept for the school since they already had one on one classes, but teaching a group with this format is new. Though it’s an adjustment, both students and teachers are adapting well.

“When you’re online, they have to take a little bit more initiative so I think that’s also part of understanding a lot more about the art form what it takes and maybe appreciating the in-person classes even more,” said founder of the Samskriti Foundation, Shoba Natarajan.

NPDance Studio

It’s not just the kids who continue to spin around the room.

At NPDance Studio, the ballroom dancers are sticking to their lessons.

“A lot of couples actually said that they do enjoy it a lot because if you’re a couple you have a dance partner that you dance with and you’re in the comfort of your own house,” said Paulina Struck, owner of NPDance Studio.

Struck said they are seeing an increase in new clients and plan to keep the online format as an option once the studio can open up again.

NCTV17 Video Producer

And our very own video producer, Kevin Machack, has been keeping busy through dance.

If you want to learn how to line dance, check out his Facebook Live lessons.

Naperville News 17’s Aysha Ashley Househ reports.


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